Mini Ball Head 1/4’’ Screw Mount for DSLR Camera

Mini Ball Head 1/4’’ Screw Mount for DSLR Camera

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  • Made of lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Rubber base for protecting cameras from scratch
  • Suitable for most cameras, tripod
  • Screw mount: 1/4’’, 3/8’’ thread
  • Maximum load (kg): 5
  • 360 degree adjustable
  • Diameter (cm): 2.8
  • Height (cm): 5
  • Weight (g): 80g
  • Package includes:
    - Camera Mount Screw x 1
    (Other accessories are not included)

This Mini Ball Head 1/4’’ Screw Mount for DSLR Camera is suitable for most cameras, camcorders and tripods. The ball head holder makes adjusting your camera to nearly any position quickly and easily.

Customer Reviews

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surprisingly good quality

This small gadget is well made. It feels solid in the hand.

If all you want is to attach your Speedlights (or Camera) to a Light Stand (or Tripod), then you do NOT need this kind of gadget. But if you want to be able to rotate your Speed-light (Flash), then this is when you need this. Most Tripods already have the rotation facility but Light stands do not, at least the cheap type I use. So you attach this to the light stand and then you get to screw your Speedlight (using it's stand's female 1/4 port) to the male 1/4 " on top of this little thing. Then you can rotate your speed-light as you wish and you can even orient your speed-light at 90 degrees to the Light stand. The threads are very good so it does hold firmly.